Stop Talking & Listen

Stop Talking & Listen

Sometimes you need to stop talking and do more listening. When you talk, obviously, you’re not listening.

Why is it important to listen? Among many reasons, you’re able to learn more. Simply listening and being attentive to whom it is you’re conversating with will enable you to pick up on things and maybe learn from them.

This can benefit you when you are trying to help someone, build a relationship, land a job, close a business deal, or even illuminate your consciousness.

Quiet people, perhaps ones with introverted personalities are naturally able to pick up on things that their more talkative extroverted personality counterparts can. Hence resulting those who listen more seem more intuitive.

I’m not saying you should change yourself. It’s just sometimes you need to talk less and listen to hear what the world is trying to tell you.

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Stop Talking & Listen

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