Success: That Big Iceberg That You Don’t See

Success: That Big Iceberg That You Don't See

When most people see or hear about successful people, all they see is the glamor. They listen to their short story about their success and think that they have it good, and assume how “lucky” those successful people are.

I know this because this is what people said to me when I built and sold a private limo company in Hawaii.

Most people think stuff up like, “only if I could have that overnight success like him (or her) I’d be set for life…”.

And then they try. They try to become an entrepreneur, investor, athlete, etc., thinking that it’ll be easy. But soon after, obstacles get in the way and the slightest of challenges deters them, and they give up.

Don’t be like “most people”. If you want to become successful at anything that you desire, understand this now, it’s not going to be as easy as you think it will be. It may be fun and you may love what you do, but there will be times that it will become very challenging.

But remind yourself what the road to success really looks like and persevere. And when you reach where you want to be, it will be all the more satisfying.

There’s no such thing as an “overnight success”…

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Success: That Big Iceberg That You Don’t See

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