Sometimes The Man Of Your Dreams Is Overlooked

Sometimes The Man Of Your Dreams Is Right In Front Of Your Face

“Some girls want Superman but walk past Clark Kent everyday.”

“All the good guys are taken…”. I hear this from woman often, especially on social media. But, is it true?

When seeking an intimate relationship, some girls (and guys) sometimes look past what they actually need, want, and desire.

You consciously know what you want in a guy, but perhaps you are overlooking the real “supermen” that are out there. Maybe you’re walking past them all the time.

While looking for the “great man”, you probably envision a certain facade, that image of a great guy depicted on television, movies, advertisements, etc. That is what outside influences are telling you what to look for in a guy. But, is that what you really want? If you are always seeking that image you’ll always be missing the Clark Kents, the real Supermen, out there.

If you’re having a hard time finding that “one guy”, perhaps you’re looking in all the wrong areas. If you’re looking for them in the clubs or bars, maybe that’s the reason why. Think about it, the hard working successful guy is doing exactly that – working hard. Not out clubbing and bar hopping at night. Like Clark Kent, he wasn’t partying late at night, he was working hard trying to save the world.

Rethink what is your ideal guy and open your eyes to the available guys that you walk past every day and you’ll see the real supermen that you overlooked.

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Sometimes The Man Of Your Dreams Is Overlooked

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